As a taster…

Here are a couple of cases I’ve shown at previous teaching sessions.

Case 1

This patient has had an orbital mass growing over the last year or so, associated with pain.



In this view we can see a nested tumour with a cribriform (“Swiss cheese”) architecture towards the bottom of the image consistent with adenoid cystic carcinoma.



In the top right of this image, the tumour surrounds a nerve, so the symptom of pain is understandable.


Case 2

The next patient has had an enucleation for uveal melanoma.


The low power view demonstrates a classic collar stud profile, and the overlying retina is largely obliterated.



Elsewhere in the specimen, the retina is morphologically well preserved, with intact photoreceptors. But a thick layer of tumour cells covers the inner retina, presumably due to intravitreal spread.



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