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  • Microscopy November 2017 - For this month’s microscopy session, we welcomed Simon, Alexandro and Oscar from the Royal Veterinary College. Simon kicked off with a couple of dog eyes – a Dobermann with a ciliary body adenoma (which is very rare in humans but not uncommon in dogs), and a Shih Tzu with vitreoretinal abnormalities which are a predilection… Continue reading Microscopy November 2017
  • Microscopy October 2017 - In this month’s session we welcomed back Simon and Alejandro from the Royal Veterinary College as well as Institute of Ophthalmology researchers Alison, Beatriz and Karla. We started with a case of Reis-Bücklers corneal dystrophy, which led to a chat about granular dystrophy variants and other TGFBI-associated dystrophies. Other cases included eye trauma and intraocular… Continue reading Microscopy October 2017
  • Microscopy September 2017 - A quiet session this month, which gave us a chance to start by reviewing some technical aspects of macroscopy (grossing) and compare macroscopic impressions with the corresponding slides before moving on to discussion of recent interesting cases. Case 1 Globe with choroidal tumour. The actual diagnosis isn’t a challenge here, but there are a couple… Continue reading Microscopy September 2017
  • Teaching August 2017 - Rather than run a live microscopy session this month, I instead ran a half day teaching session last week for the new (and not so new!) ophthalmology trainees at Moorfields. This took the form of a quiz, looking at differential diagnoses of exam-type cases, using audience response system handsets from Qwizdom. I’d never used this… Continue reading Teaching August 2017
  • Retinoblastoma – post 3 - In this post, I’ll cover the choroid. I’ll start with histology, then address some practical points for retinoblastoma reporting. This is my final retinoblastoma post for the moment – following this I’ll be back to my usual teaching blog schedule. Choroid histology This is a high power view of normal choroid, with the vitreous to… Continue reading Retinoblastoma – post 3
  • Retinoblastoma – post 2 - I’m going to focus on the optic nerve in this post, starting with an example of normal histology and then touching on a non-cancer abnormality before covering the different grades of retinoblastoma involvement. Ideally, when grossing a retinoblastoma globe, you should take a transverse section of the optic nerve. However, take care that you are… Continue reading Retinoblastoma – post 2
  • Retinoblastoma – post 1 - A few days ago, I was privileged to attend a workshop of the Retinoblastoma Network (Rb-NET), hosted by LV Prasad Eye Institute, coordinated by the International Centre for Eye Health and funded by the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust. During the workshop, clinical workers from several institutions from Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda as… Continue reading Retinoblastoma – post 1
  • Microscopy May 2017 - In addition to our regular multiheader session this week, I was teaching at Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead last week, on eyelid, orbital, conjunctival and corneal pathology. We reviewed some of the East Grinstead cases during the multiheader session, which was attended by our regulars Simon and Alejandro from the Royal Veterinary College as well… Continue reading Microscopy May 2017
  • Microscopy April 2017 - Despite the imminent Easter closure of UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, this month’s session was well attended. A warm welcome to Zerin (from the Institute), and also to Lucia (from Gran Canaria). Dr Mandeep Sagoo, Consultant Ocular Oncologist, was present for the early part of the session, and we had an interesting discussion on the difficulties… Continue reading Microscopy April 2017
  • Microscopy March 2017 - This month we had Simon and Alejandro attending from the Royal Veterinary College, as well as Sam from our own department. We reviewed a few orbital tumours, and some corneal and intraocular specimens with keratitis and/or endophthalmitis. Here are a few highlights. Case 1 Elderly patient with a brow lesion.
  • Microscopy session February 2017 - This month we looked at a selection of cases with Cerys and Karla, who both have a special interest in cornea. Corneal cases included macular dystrophy, recurrent lattice dystrophy and keratoconus. We then expanded the discussion to include intraocular pathology with retinal detachment and uveal melanoma. Here are some highlights. Case 1 Lid and epibulbar… Continue reading Microscopy session February 2017