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  • Ilorin retinoblastoma workshop, December 2018 - Last week, I had the privilege of helping out at a two-day workshop on retinoblastoma. The workshop was held at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital in Nigeria and organised by Consultant Ophthalmologist Dr Dupe Ademola-Popoola. It was supported by VISION 2020 LINKS, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Rb-NET funded by the Queen Elizabeth Diamond… Continue reading Ilorin retinoblastoma workshop, December 2018
  • Microscopy December 2018 - A quieter session this month, which just meant more mince pies for everyone who attended. We started with a review of corneal structure, and had a chat about the phenomenon of Descemet’s membrane thickening during endothelial cell loss. Charlotte raised a very interesting question as to the relationship of thickened Descemet’s membrane to corneal oedema.… Continue reading Microscopy December 2018
  • Microscopy November 2018 - November’s teaching was quite early in the month, so I hadn’t accumulated many interesting cases. Given the focus on corneas in October, this time round I picked some lid tumours from the archives as well as a few recent cases. Here are a few of them. Case 1 This is a rapidly growing lid skin… Continue reading Microscopy November 2018
  • Microscopy October 2018 - For this month’s microscopy session, I’d received a request to review FRCOphth examination-type material, particularly corneas. So we spent a bit of time on the three classic corneal stromal dystrophies and their typical (and atypical!) appearances. I have a previous post on the stromal dystrophies here. We also did a refresher on some basic descriptive… Continue reading Microscopy October 2018
  • Microscopy September 2018 - This month, we welcomed two of the new Moorfields trainees and Esin, a paediatric pathologist from The Royal London Hospital. We covered corneal and retinal histology and chatted about how some tumours may have deceptively bland cytology.  Cases included a metastatic carcinoma with unknown primary, a retinal detachment and a cavernous haemangioma. We had a… Continue reading Microscopy September 2018
  • Some detective work - I usually post monthly, following a group teaching session, but this case is worth commenting on separately. It was a routine specimen that arrived one Monday morning with clinical information of: endothelial cell failure, DMEK surgery. We receive about a dozen corneal specimens per week, and there wasn’t anything of note macroscopically. Descemet’s membrane specimens… Continue reading Some detective work
  • Teaching August 2018 - This month’s session was pretty mix’n’match, starting with an excellent introduction to working in the Moorfields Accident & Emergency service by Dr Gordon Hay. A special welcome to those who have just started working for the Trust! I followed up with an introduction to eye pathology, including some case discussions. We then ended the afternoon… Continue reading Teaching August 2018
  • Microscopy teaching July 2018 - A quiet microscopy session this month, with summer holidays and hospital changeover coming up. I rather welcomed it since I’m a bit distracted with the release of my first novel . Don’t worry, I’ll stop going on about it, eventually, but I’m still at the excited stage! It was lovely to have Nicole Carnt attending from… Continue reading Microscopy teaching July 2018
  • Microscopy June 2018 - This month’s microscopy session was a little different… Simon from the Royal Veterinary College brought eyes from an elephant and a rhinoceros for comparison with our usual human eyes. He’s kindly provided some images which are at the end of this post. I guess it’s no surprise that rhinoceros sclera is substantially thick (after all,… Continue reading Microscopy June 2018
  • Microscopy May 2018 - Quiet session this month, possibly because of it being busy with the recent ARVO meeting, the ECVO meeting, and the upcoming RCOphth Congress. Still, we chatted about a fair range of eye pathology topics yesterday, from rare corneal dystrophies to ocular trauma to the value of deeper sections. Here are a few of the cases… Continue reading Microscopy May 2018
  • Post meeting notes - No microscopy teaching this month, because I was hosting the British Association for Ophthalmic Pathology meeting. For this post, I’m going to reflect a bit on how I ran the meeting, in case future meeting organisers find my thoughts useful. This isn’t a comprehensive “How to organise an academic conference” post, just some random thoughts… Continue reading Post meeting notes
  • Retinal histology - No teaching session this month – just as well, with the BAOP meeting coming up and arrangements to make! There was some interest in a retinal photo I shared on Twitter yesterday, so I’m taking the opportunity to talk a little about retinal histology here. The image I originally tweeted was of retina from an… Continue reading Retinal histology
  • Moorfields HDT – February 2018 - Instead of a multiheader discussion this month, we had a Half Day Teaching session on eye pathology, attended by the Moorfields trainee ophthalmologists (and a few other guests – you know who you are!) We briefly ran over a few housekeeping topics, which I’ll note here as a reminder, then covered common stains used in… Continue reading Moorfields HDT – February 2018
  • A tiny test - I’ve been playing around with some more site functionality. Here’s a very small simple quiz for you to play with. I’d welcome your comments. (After posting, I discovered you need to click on this post title to get to the actual quiz.) After the Moorfields Half Day Teaching next week, I’ll add some quiz material… Continue reading A tiny test
  • Blog facelift - New year, new look. I’ve updated the appearance of this blog, hopefully making it easier to navigate. I’d welcome comments from site visitors on how easy (or difficult!) it is to find your way around now. I’d also appreciate comments as to whether you’re more likely to access the site on a desktop computer, mobile… Continue reading Blog facelift
  • Microscopy January 2018 - For this month’s microscopy session we had a mixture of attendees: Moorfields trainees, paediatric pathologists, veterinary pathologists and researchers from the Institute of Ophthalmology. Part of the challenge (and fun) about eye pathology is that it lies at the junction of so many different specialist areas. In fact, in some countries, ophthalmic pathology is performed… Continue reading Microscopy January 2018