A brief update

I’ve been rather quiet on this blog, but 2020 got off to a rough start. First there were personal matters to deal with, and now the coronavirus pandemic is occupying pretty much everyone’s attention.

Our department is working from home as much as we can. Unfortunately, this means my monthly microscopy sessions are on hold until it’s safe to hold them again. I’d still like to show educational cases, so my tentative plan is to post them as time permits. Content will include exam-type cases and daily practice diagnoses rather than anything very unusual. I’m currently limited to my archival photomicrograph collection, but hopefully I’ll start accumulating new images again soon.

If you’re interested in following these posts, can you please let me know in the comments what kinds of specimen you’d like to see? For example: cornea, orbit, whole eyes etc.

If you have any colleagues who might be interested in this content, please encourage them to drop by and say hello.

Stay safe, everyone!

And if you feel like a little bit of homework, you can tell me what’s going on here 🙂

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