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Professional background

I work for Moorfields Eye Hospital in London as an eye pathologist. In medical careers-speak, I worked in clinical ophthalmology for a few years (FRCOphth), have done full time research in ophthalmology (DPhil) and am a fully trained and accredited consultant histopathologist (FRCPath, on the GMC Specialist Register for Histopathology). VERY simply speaking, my job involves looking down a microscope at tissue specimens taken from patients during an operation, and providing a diagnosis.

My direct “customers” are not the patients, but the ophthalmologists who send me the specimens. I don’t expect the surgeons to know very much about the practice of eye pathology (after all, they don’t expect me to know how to operate!), but it’s important that we can communicate effectively with each other.

I run regular teaching sessions for the trainee ophthalmologists, so they can see what happens to the specimens they send to me, and get an idea of what the specimens look like down a microscope.

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Please note that I do not provide medical advice.