Microscopy June 2019

Yesterday's session had a variety of attendees, including Moorfields ophthalmologists, a medical student on elective, our regular veterinary pathologists Simon and Alejandro, and a visiting pathologist from Australia. Simon brought a feline eye with a ciliary body adenoma. This is a rare entity in humans (and not to be confused with Fuchs' adenoma which I've… Continue reading Microscopy June 2019

A Quiet Rebellion: Posterity is out!

This is completely off the topic of eye pathology, but here is a post about my latest published novel!

Speculative stories

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve just released the final book in the Numoeath trilogy. Here’s the Amazon link (available as an ebook or in print), and the book is available in other online stores here. (I’m going via Smashwords, so the list of stores will increase over the next couple of weeks).

This is the paperback cover and blurb

Where does it start?

As a quick catch up (trying to minimise spoilers if you’ve not read the first two books):
After his trial for murder, telekinetic convoy captain Jonathan has been vindicated. The culprit is out of the picture. However, political necessity means that Queen Eleanor has reinstated the party who was pulling the murderer’s strings.
Diffident herbalist Annetta has finally developed some backbone. She’s working on recipes that will help the afflicted control their paranormal abilities painlessly.
Looking forward, Eleanor adopts a bold plan to reintegrate…

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Microscopy May 2019

This month, Simon and Alejandro from the Royal Veterinary College were able to join us. Congratulations to Alejandro on his new appointment! Alejandro brought along a globe with a diagnosis of equine recurrent uveitis (ERU). As you might expect from the name, there's a chronic inflammatory infiltrate within the iris and ciliary body. Interestingly, there… Continue reading Microscopy May 2019

Microscopy April 2019

For yesterday's session we welcomed Moorfields ophthalmologists who are currently working in vitreoretinal surgery, medical retina and paediatrics and strabismus. These aren't subspecialties which generate a lot of specimens, but we included a few archival cases of vitreous cytology and intraocular biopsies. We started with a quick review of eyelid and globe structure as seen… Continue reading Microscopy April 2019