Retinoblastoma articles

Here’s a list of articles about retinoblastoma. They’re in no particular order. I believe all these articles are open access (freely available). If not, please let me know via the contact form and I’ll correct the list.

Royal College of Pathologists 2018 retinoblastoma dataset (free access)

Community Eye Health Journal article by Dr Esin Karaa and myself on histological high-risk features in retinoblastoma (free access)

Isidro (2016) gives an overview of laboratory and imaging workup for retinoblastoma. Access it here.

Grossniklaus (2014) reviews “the progress made in understanding the genetic basis, molecular pathology, and treatment of retinoblastoma” over the past 50 years. Plenty of useful images. He covers molecular pathology, targeted therapy and global health. Access it here.

This 2007 review article by MacPherson focusses more on basic sciences research and animal models. Access it here.

Harbour (2006) reviews cancer biology using retinoblastoma and uveal melanoma as examples. Access it here.

This article by Ng (2010) is a general overview of secondary malignancies, including post-retinoblastoma secondary malignancies. Access it here.

Eagle (2013) reviews the pathology of the two commonest primary intraocular cancers: retinoblastoma and uveal melanoma. Access it here.

Dimaras (2012) reviews review of clinical, pathology and treatment aspects of retinoblastoma. Access it here.

Mehta (2012) reviews clinical and pathologist aspects of retinoblastoma. Access it here.

This 2015 review by Dimaras focusses on genetic investigation and counselling. Access it here.

If you come across any other free online information resources that would be useful for this list, please let me know.

There is also the recently released WHO Classification of Tumours of the Eye book (Blue Book), but this isn’t free. Still a valuable resource if you practice ophthalmic pathology.