July 2016 – Teaching preview

We’ve not had a multiheader session for a while, although I’ll start again towards the end of summer. In a few weeks I’ll be talking about ophthalmic pathology as part of the year’s Half Day Teaching programme, so here are a few exam-type cases to whet your appetite. Case 1 is a young adult thought… Continue reading July 2016 – Teaching preview

Microscopy session May 2016

For this month’s teaching session, we welcomed Hannah and Charlotte back from the Royal Veterinary College, Christiane who is doing a PhD here, and Didi the ocular oncologist. Congratulations, Charlotte, for passing your Board exams! The slides we viewed were a mixed bag of FRCOphth exam-type cases, including cornea, conjunctiva and orbial biopsies. Last month… Continue reading Microscopy session May 2016

Microscopy session April 2016

This month, we had 2 returning attendees - Simon from the Royal Veterinary College, and Alejandro all the way from Gran Canaria, plus Sam from our own department. Normally I keep interesting recent cases aside for discussion, but this month was a little different. I had been scheduled to teach the pre-FRCOphth exam trainees a… Continue reading Microscopy session April 2016

Medical Retina teaching April 2016

This morning we had a pathology session for Medical Retina. After looking at a few vitreous specimens, the attendees had a tour of the Department of Eye Pathology and got to see first hand how we handle cytology and histology specimens. Some (un?)lucky people got to try some of the steps themselves, and I hope… Continue reading Medical Retina teaching April 2016