Moorfields HDT – February 2018

Instead of a multiheader discussion this month, we had a Half Day Teaching session on eye pathology, attended by the Moorfields trainee ophthalmologists (and a few other guests - you know who you are!) We briefly ran over a few housekeeping topics, which I'll note here as a reminder, then covered common stains used in… Continue reading Moorfields HDT – February 2018

Microscopy January 2018

For this month's microscopy session we had a mixture of attendees: Moorfields trainees, paediatric pathologists, veterinary pathologists and researchers from the Institute of Ophthalmology. Part of the challenge (and fun) about eye pathology is that it lies at the junction of so many different specialist areas. In fact, in some countries, ophthalmic pathology is performed… Continue reading Microscopy January 2018