Some detective work

I usually post monthly, following a group teaching session, but this case is worth commenting on separately. It was a routine specimen that arrived one Monday morning with clinical information of: endothelial cell failure, DMEK surgery. We receive about a dozen corneal specimens per week, and there wasn't anything of note macroscopically. Descemet's membrane specimens… Continue reading Some detective work

Microscopy teaching July 2018

A quiet microscopy session this month, with summer holidays and hospital changeover coming up. I rather welcomed it since I'm a bit distracted with the release of my first novel . Don't worry, I'll stop going on about it, eventually, but I'm still at the excited stage! It was lovely to have Nicole Carnt attending from… Continue reading Microscopy teaching July 2018

Microscopy May 2018

Quiet session this month, possibly because of it being busy with the recent ARVO meeting, the ECVO meeting, and the upcoming RCOphth Congress. Still, we chatted about a fair range of eye pathology topics yesterday, from rare corneal dystrophies to ocular trauma to the value of deeper sections. Here are a few of the cases… Continue reading Microscopy May 2018

Microscopy November 2017

For this month's microscopy session, we welcomed Simon, Alexandro and Oscar from the Royal Veterinary College. Simon kicked off with a couple of dog eyes - a Dobermann with a ciliary body adenoma (which is very rare in humans but not uncommon in dogs), and a Shih Tzu with vitreoretinal abnormalities which are a predilection… Continue reading Microscopy November 2017