Eye pathology case 14

Enucleation specimen The patient is an elderly male. The reason for surgery is a choroidal melanoma, but I'm not going to show that in this post: there's something else of note. This low power image shows the anterior segment (cornea, iris, ciliary body and lens). The feature of interest is that instead of having a… Continue reading Eye pathology case 14

Eye pathology case 13

Incidental finding in an enucleation specimen I took a little break from pathology last week and shared a fiction reading post from my other website. Back to some interesting (I hope!) cases now. This low power image is centred on the ciliary body and adjacent sclera. It also shows the limbus (on the right) with… Continue reading Eye pathology case 13

Moorfields HDT – February 2019

No live microscopy session this month as I was teaching the ophthalmology trainees at Moorfields Eye Hospital. The theme for the afternoon was cancer. Cancer cases form a relatively small proportion of our workload in the Department of Eye Pathology (around 10%) but the care of patients with cancer has certain aspects that don't apply… Continue reading Moorfields HDT – February 2019

Microscopy May 2017

In addition to our regular multiheader session this week, I was teaching at Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead last week, on eyelid, orbital, conjunctival and corneal pathology. We reviewed some of the East Grinstead cases during the multiheader session, which was attended by our regulars Simon and Alejandro from the Royal Veterinary College as well… Continue reading Microscopy May 2017