Microscopy April 2017

Despite the imminent Easter closure of UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, this month's session was well attended. A warm welcome to Zerin (from the Institute), and also to Lucia (from Gran Canaria). Dr Mandeep Sagoo, Consultant Ocular Oncologist, was present for the early part of the session, and we had an interesting discussion on the difficulties… Continue reading Microscopy April 2017

Microscopy session October 2016

Thanks to everyone who participated in this month’s teaching session. This was our first session with the new teaching microscope system which has been very kindly funded by Friends of Moorfields. The new system means that we can cater for a much larger attendance than previously. This month we had attendees from Moorfields, from the… Continue reading Microscopy session October 2016

Microscopy session March 2016

Today we looked at some cases with Simon, a veterinary pathologist from the Royal Veterinary College, Alejandro, who is visiting Simon from Gran Canaria, and Guy, one of the ophthalmologists from Moorfields. Alejandro has a particular interest in tumours, so that's what we concentrated on. As an aside, cancer cases are a minority of my… Continue reading Microscopy session March 2016