Microscopy September 2017

A quiet session this month, which gave us a chance to start by reviewing some technical aspects of macroscopy (grossing) and compare macroscopic impressions with the corresponding slides before moving on to discussion of recent interesting cases. Case 1 Globe with choroidal tumour. The actual diagnosis isn't a challenge here, but there are a couple… Continue reading Microscopy September 2017

Microscopy March 2017

This month we had Simon and Alejandro attending from the Royal Veterinary College, as well as Sam from our own department. We reviewed a few orbital tumours, and some corneal and intraocular specimens with keratitis and/or endophthalmitis. Here are a few highlights. Case 1 Elderly patient with a brow lesion. This is keratinising well-differentiated squamous… Continue reading Microscopy March 2017

Moorfields HDT – December 2016

Yesterday's teaching included a tour of the department, where participants got to try their hand at embedding tissue and picking up sections from the waterbath, followed by a microscopy session with some interesting cases from the last month. Here are a few highlights. Case 1 Slow growing lid lesion in an elderly male. This is… Continue reading Moorfields HDT – December 2016

Microscopy session November 2016

Yesterday we had our second eye pathology microscopy session using the new system funded by Friends of Moorfields and the camera functionality came in really useful for comparing images between different slides. We focussed on orbital pathology, with lesions of the lacrimal sac, lacrimal gland and orbital soft tissue. The highlight of the session was the… Continue reading Microscopy session November 2016