Eye pathology case 4

Temporal artery biopsies Temporal artery biopsies are submitted when there is a clinical concern about temporal arteritis (also known as giant cell arteritis—GCA—or cranial arteritis). Patients may initially present to the ophthalmologist with sudden and catastrophic visual loss (anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy). They may also have headache or more generalised symptoms such as joint pain… Continue reading Eye pathology case 4

Microscopy June 2019

Yesterday's session had a variety of attendees, including Moorfields ophthalmologists, a medical student on elective, our regular veterinary pathologists Simon and Alejandro, and a visiting pathologist from Australia. Simon brought a feline eye with a ciliary body adenoma. This is a rare entity in humans (and not to be confused with Fuchs' adenoma which I've… Continue reading Microscopy June 2019

Microscopy June 2018

This month's microscopy session was a little different... Simon from the Royal Veterinary College brought eyes from an elephant and a rhinoceros for comparison with our usual human eyes. He's kindly provided some images which are at the end of this post. I guess it's no surprise that rhinoceros sclera is substantially thick (after all,… Continue reading Microscopy June 2018

Moorfields Half Day Teaching – August 2016

I hope those of you who attended the Half Day Teaching yesterday on Ophthalmic Pathology found it interesting and useful. Thanks to Didi for his talk on Ocular Oncology, and to Sam for giving her perspective on specimens from the laboratory viewpoint. To refresh your memory, you can access a commented copy of my talk… Continue reading Moorfields Half Day Teaching – August 2016