Weekly poll archive

This page is a little experimental, so please bear with me while I iron out some kinks.

I’m planning to post a little poll every Monday, with some (possibly tenuous) relation to eye pathology. Some polls will have a “correct” answer, while others may demonstrate a spread of opinions and practice.

My current thinking is to have the active poll in a sidebar on the blog’s front page. I’ll archive older (closed) polls on this page, along with their results and maybe some commentary.

Monday poll 26/12/18

There wasn’t a correct or incorrect answer with this one. I was simply curious as to what immediate response a visitor to this blog might come up with.

Monday poll 12/2/18


This is an orbital biopsy showing typical features of a cavernous haemangioma, a benign tumour. There are blood-filled, large-lumened vascular spaces separated by fibrous stroma with some smooth muscle. Clinical presentation is varied, but most commonly proptosis or other features of an orbital mass (such as diplopia or visual loss). Pain is not typically a feature.

Monday poll 5/2/18


Most respondents picked the correct answer of 4 micrometres.

For light microscopy, the typical thickness of a paraffin wax section is 3-5 micrometres. As an aside, a section for electron microscopy could be around 50 nanometres. Electron microscopists will refer to a 1 micrometre section as a “thick” section!